Winner of Best Thriller and Best Horror Film 2009 at The New York International Independent Film and Video Festival. 


Production completed on the Feature Film "Sacred Game".

Screened March 22nd 2009 at the New York International Film Festival and in July at their Upcoming Event in Los Angeles.

 Also Screening at the New York Latino International Film Festival July 28 to August 2, 2009.

Jose Alvarez plays the Lead role Louis Martinez and his alter-ego Pito.

Directed by:

Bernardo Chilindron

Produced by:

Juan Espiga


Four childhood friends go camping after not seen each other in years. Driving through the Jersey forest their vehicle breaks down and they have to abandon it. Not wanting to spoil the weekend they decide to camp nearby and they walk father into the forest... bad idea.

That night the group reminisces about their youth while they eat and drink by the campfire. The drinking takes a toll on the men and one of them tells a rumor he heard long ago about the area. From the darkness of the forest a woman runs to their campsite in shock. She’s unable to talk and can’t explain what happened to her. The woman is exhausted and falls sleep soon thereafter.

The four men are mesmerized by this occurrence. Later that night the woman awakes and tells them stories, horror stories...

A weekend of horror amongst friends...

Filmed in the New Jersey's Pine Barrens, a desolate and isolate region of this state, gives the picture a cinematic look that's unprecedented to its budget. And a collaboration and association from many filmmakers of the area made possible a substantial reduction of the budget and the completion of this very commercial film.